RITES OF PASSAGE Vol.2            by Chuck Kelley

There ain’t no Santa, there ain’t no free lunches, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way down to the bone…see what I mean? It’s hard to get rid of the kid! Especially, since being a kid was our meal ticket, hall pass and our main survival tool.

Being kids, we needed to be shown and taught how to use all of the, specially designed for kids, living life “skills”, in order to get through the day unscathed. We needed to be told what to do and when. Then, comes the day we move out! Free at last! Now we’re gonna do it our way and we’ll have the world by the tail. But, somehow our stuff doesn’t work so well, or at all…nothing is working out the way it’s “supposed to”…people aren’t what people are “supposed to” be…our, never fail, bag of tricks don’t do what they’re “suppose to” do …We call home asking for help or explanations or…anything that will make sense out of our world, our ways…Something that will tell us why nothing is what it’s “supposed to” be!!! Chances are mom and dad don’t know, can’t answer, can’t help at all, because no one told them either. My dad said, “FIGURE IT OUT”!  I figured out that he didn’t know! That was what I figured out and that was about the extent of my figuring out stuff for a long, long time!

Looking back, I see that the accomplishments I did achieve were due, in no short part, to innovation…I made stuff up! It was new or newish or it was some kind of a pretty big deviation of something that did exist. In other words, I had no clear visions of what it was “supposed to” look like or “supposed to” be like or “supposed to” whatever it was that it might “supposed to” whatever!

Fairly Tales, Hollywood endings, Knights in shining armor, sugar and spice…all that BS kids are told to help them through their childhood needs to be cleared up, cleared out and then replaced with, “OK, you’re an adult now…so, here’s the real deal…”!

We’ll get into some of that tomorrow.

To be continued…



Chuck Kelley
Since his early teens, Chuck Kelley has tried to understand what makes us tick. Having had a troubled youth, he sought anything and everything that might assist him in getting his life together. Feeling universally misunderstood, he was determined to understand our nature and find some peace in his heart. Wanting to fit in while believing that he was totally unacceptable, he spent the majority of his life trying to become who and what he was not. The successes in business, the restaurants, the food manufacturing companies and all the other businesses he owned and operated, meant little to nothing to him because his accomplishments felt small when compared to certain others'. He felt that he was cursed to living a life of not being enough. Over the past forty plus years, Chuck has read practically every self help book, taken practically every self help course and tried an equal amount of self help programs. Along the way he has become certified in practically everything that hints of personal development, such as; Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. In short, he is a walking, talking self-help clearinghouse. Now, he shares the things that work universally and he leaves out the rest. Having discovered that perfection is unattainable, and acceptance is subjective, he continues his research into every field that may lend insights into how to be more comfortable in our own skin and thrive in life. Embracing and openly admitting his perfectly perfect imperfections, "Because that's how I roll", has brought him more freedom than a massive trust fund. His wish is to save others the time, trouble and the wear and tear.
Chuck Kelley

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