GAMESMANSHIP IN LIFE 101     by Chuck Kelley

Gamesmanship…I can’t think of a way to make this word PC or gender-neutral, so, let’s act as if I had. OK, gamesmanship is the true art of playing the game, any and all games. It’s the strategies, the tactics and the whole bag of tricks which people use to take their game to a higher level and to better assure victory.

Gamesmanship in life is not about creating winners and losers necessarily, it’s actually about a higher, more active and attentive participation in the moment to moment unfolding of every aspect of our lives.

In all games, as in all things, there is the mechanics; the working parts. In tennis it’s the forehand swing, the backhand swing, etc…deciding which to use, where to place the ball, etc…is Gamesmanship.

In moment to moment life we are interacting with different people about different things. All of which potentially call for a different game with different rules, different tools and fine tuned Gamesmanship. Examples of this are, getting a child to ________, negotiating with a service company for _______, driving in traffic, etc… We use it constantly during those moments that seem heightened somehow, moments that are distinctive.

Imagine that you are playing a game…any game…other than Solitaire.  I used tennis as an example earlier, so let’s stick with that. Ok, you’re playing tennis and for some reason (who knows why) in the midst of the game, you forget that you’re participating in a game…you kind of drift off, walk around in circles and zigzags, your racket is wagging every which direction and you’re thinking about that time back in High School when ______…huh?!

We do that constantly, we forget that we are playing a Game called Life. We seldom participate, other than when we’re startled out of our reverie and we’re hardly going to be on Top of our Game. So, the question becomes…What happens when we forgot that we’re playing a Game, in the middle of the Game? The answers and the mental images can be hilarious.  Life is funny.

More on this subject later…

Chuck Kelley
Since his early teens, Chuck Kelley has tried to understand what makes us tick. Having had a troubled youth, he sought anything and everything that might assist him in getting his life together. Feeling universally misunderstood, he was determined to understand our nature and find some peace in his heart. Wanting to fit in while believing that he was totally unacceptable, he spent the majority of his life trying to become who and what he was not. The successes in business, the restaurants, the food manufacturing companies and all the other businesses he owned and operated, meant little to nothing to him because his accomplishments felt small when compared to certain others'. He felt that he was cursed to living a life of not being enough. Over the past forty plus years, Chuck has read practically every self help book, taken practically every self help course and tried an equal amount of self help programs. Along the way he has become certified in practically everything that hints of personal development, such as; Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. In short, he is a walking, talking self-help clearinghouse. Now, he shares the things that work universally and he leaves out the rest. Having discovered that perfection is unattainable, and acceptance is subjective, he continues his research into every field that may lend insights into how to be more comfortable in our own skin and thrive in life. Embracing and openly admitting his perfectly perfect imperfections, "Because that's how I roll", has brought him more freedom than a massive trust fund. His wish is to save others the time, trouble and the wear and tear.
Chuck Kelley

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