FAULTY MIRRORS GALORE              by Chuck Kelley

It’s weird when we realize that we never, not even once, actually see ourselves. Not only that we don’t see ourselves as others do, which we don’t, but that we only see representations of ourselves. We recognize our “likeness” in pictures from what we remember seeing in a mirror! Which is interesting because we never get to see our True and Authentic self either, at all! It’s not physically, uh…physical. So, how do we know ourselves…and our True self, how do we recognize our inners and outers? By and large we have learned to use others as mirrors…they tell us who we are and that is where the trouble starts…especially for us!

Remind me to tell you that they are looking at us for the same reason.

Ok, uh…mirrors! Somehow we get this crazy idea that people are going to show us our Truth…kind of. See, we don’t necessarily want the True Truth; we tend to prefer the “tell me what I want to hear” truth. So….we pose, prance and pontificate while pleading not to be placated but pleased by our mirror people. Say Cheese!

I know we only do that sometimes, much of the time we’re doing what we’re doing and subconsciously checking the bio-mirrors and we receive an overall feeling about who we are based on that…which is rather empty and out of focus.

There are other times where, for some unknown reason, our mirrors do not like us! Could be for any number of reasons or for no reason at all… It doesn’t really matter because; we’ll take it personally anyway.

Oh, yeah…they are looking at us for the same reason. That really screws the pooch! We’re gawking at them, desperate for validation or enlightenment and they have the gall to do it right back at us! It can get real strange, real quick. For example; they know what we’re doing and what we want and a lot of the times they can tell what we’d kill to “hear”….sooooo, they give us the opposite, score 20 points, and off to therapy we go!   Don’t count on them; they can be too damn slippery!

We also use every form of media to show us who we are, too! And that is STUPID …for every single reason under the sun!!! If it’s an ad, we are Nothing and Nobody unless or until we wear, drive, drink, and live in a mansion in the sky or whatever the hell is going on in that particular piece of hypnosis. In film, Nobody is those people, not even the people who are “supposed” to BE those people and the people who portray the people aren’t the people their “supposed” to be either! It was said of Clark Gable, “he ain’t no Clark Gable”!

Doesn’t that make it easier?

Oh, another thing that’ll make it easier…Be a Magical Mirror, reflect their Best Self. There will soon be a line of people wanting to give you your heart’s desires.


Chuck Kelley
Since his early teens, Chuck Kelley has tried to understand what makes us tick. Having had a troubled youth, he sought anything and everything that might assist him in getting his life together. Feeling universally misunderstood, he was determined to understand our nature and find some peace in his heart. Wanting to fit in while believing that he was totally unacceptable, he spent the majority of his life trying to become who and what he was not. The successes in business, the restaurants, the food manufacturing companies and all the other businesses he owned and operated, meant little to nothing to him because his accomplishments felt small when compared to certain others'. He felt that he was cursed to living a life of not being enough. Over the past forty plus years, Chuck has read practically every self help book, taken practically every self help course and tried an equal amount of self help programs. Along the way he has become certified in practically everything that hints of personal development, such as; Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. In short, he is a walking, talking self-help clearinghouse. Now, he shares the things that work universally and he leaves out the rest. Having discovered that perfection is unattainable, and acceptance is subjective, he continues his research into every field that may lend insights into how to be more comfortable in our own skin and thrive in life. Embracing and openly admitting his perfectly perfect imperfections, "Because that's how I roll", has brought him more freedom than a massive trust fund. His wish is to save others the time, trouble and the wear and tear.
Chuck Kelley

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