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“At the annual Healing Hearts Retreat 2014, a number of aspects from Who & What Owns Us was interwoven into the program. The results were astounding.  “…When I start feeling anxious, and go to the Blank Slate, it works instantly. When I come back to the room, I know that things will work out, and I find that I have insight that was previously missing. I am so grateful!” – Laura, MD

tao_lm“I have left with gems and pearls from many other retreats, but none have been as permanent a part of my spiritual practice as I know the Blank Slate is becoming. Going into that quiet space is about the most peaceful I’ve been able to get – maybe ever – in my quest to be able to slow my mind down and find answers beyond the programming from the outside world.” – Lisa, VA

“It immediately took me to a place of deep peace. I am delighted to have this wonderful tool to help me keep grounded and peaceful. I will be sharing this with my clients and reading audience.”  – Laurel VA

“I have found all my spiritual work to be rewarding, but the feeling of peace and comfort. I found when going into the blank slate has been incredible. It brings my soul and ego to a place they can coexist in harmony, I have never felt such peace before. It is now in the book, Who and What Owns Us. Thank you for this incredible gift.” – Claire, VA

tao_ml“The Blank Slate State gives me a simple visual I use to Still my mind and go to that place of Being without attachments and expectations. From this place my Soul’s Voice is easy to hear and experience.” – Martha Townes, MD

IMG_0004_kde“The blank slate technique has provided a means for me to clear my clouded thoughts.  As a result, I am able to get to the heart of the matter quicker and make better decisions.” – Kirsten VA

“Between the hours of 3am and 4am, when the veil between the worlds is it’s thinnest, my fearful ego sleeps and my Soul is able to speak clearly to me. These mystical moments are the essence of the Blank Slate State. Ego at rest, Soul speaking clearly. Learning to bring this State form the realm of the enchanted dream world into waking consciousness so that it may be evoked during times of stress is vital to living each day in peace. Calming the ego so that one may hear the voice of the Soul, which speaks as softly as the flutter of angel wings is the process of moving into the Blank Slate State.” – Julie Walls, VA

tao_110“I had the privilege to be one of the first to experience The Blank Slate State during a Healing Heart Retreat. It took me immediately to a place of deep peace. What a powerful tool this is, and is already impacting my life and my health in a positive way. I am delighted to have this wonderful tool to help me keep grounded and peaceful. I will be using this in my cooking, and sharing with my clients and reading audience, and using it for the rest of my life.”


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